Here's my latest toy - a 1990 Mk. I SWB 2.5 TDi Pajero.  The Pajero is basically a higher spec. Shogun, however they were never available here in the U.K.  This is a Japanese import car.

Buying a Japanese import has it's pros and cons...  For example, a major pro is that it has air conditioning (apparently, most Japanese cars do) and generally appears to have been well looked after.  It has, for example, a Turbo Timer fitted, which is a device that allows the engine to continue to run after the ignition is switched off and the key removed.  The idea is that the engine continues to idle and allows the turbo unit to cool down while still being lubricated.  It is illegal to use such a device in the U.K (or so I'm told) however, this is an indication that the previous owner cared for the engine.

Of course, the major cons of import vehicles is that they have no service history or documentation and potentially spare parts are difficult to obtain.  However, before I bought the car I did a bit or research and discovered the The Pajero Owners Club This link goes to an external site that is not part of where I found loads of extremely helpful people eager to share their findings and help other owners.  I'd highly recommend joining to any other U.K Pajero owners.

Here's some pictures of the car:


The first thing I did when I got the car was to replace the (rather crappy) fog lights with some giant Hella Illuminators, clearly seen below.  The initial reason I chose these was simply for their size; 230mm diameter.  Frankly, anything smaller would have looked too small positioned in that chunky A-bar.  These lights don't come cheap, however, they provide simply amazing (I was going to say dazzling Smiley) brightness and light a huge distance.

Front (Low)