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01.jpg (47K)
Missing Texture Bug

02.jpg (49K)
Mysterious Rock Formation

03.jpg (63K)
XFI Containers

04.jpg (64K)
CONCORD Battleship

05.jpg (55K)
CONCORD Battleship

06.jpg (38K)
My Frozen Corpse (and the Wanker who podded me!)

07.jpg (73K)
Drone Swarm

08.jpg (52K)
Warping Station Bug

09.jpg (56K)
CE Corp Strip-mining

10.jpg (69K)
Badger Mark II (Caldari Indy)

11.jpg (51K)
Gallente Shuttle

12.jpg (54K)
Hoarder (Minmatar Indy)

13.jpg (57K)
Iteron III (Gallente Indy)

14.jpg (47K)
Topping up my tan at a nearby Sun

15.jpg (53K)
Incursus (Gallente Frigate)

16.jpg (61K)
Sheroo X - Moon 11 - X-Sense Chemical Refinery

17.jpg (45K)
Two Cruisers with Fifteen drones

18.jpg (45K)
Baby Asteroid Belt - Look closely for the tiny, tiny roids

19.jpg (54K)
Amarr Cruiser (I promise to research that spelling!)

20.jpg (56K)
Sorry, is that a TREE in space??!

21.jpg (59K)
Bullying an asteroid

22.jpg (91K)
Ibis (Caldari n00b ship)

23.jpg (60K)
Pirate Tristan

24.jpg (49K)
!BANG! ..and they're off!

25.jpg (46K)
2536 m/s