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Worst Best

This fanless card is quite a thing... the sheer size and weight are beyond comprehension.  For some reason, Sapphire put their badge on the side of the card that will face downwards once installed, so I decided to switched it to the correct side.

01a.jpg (103K)
Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro Ultimate

01b.jpg (72K)
Heatpipe system

The process of removing the badge is actually quite simple...

02.jpg (96K)
First, give the badge and heatsink a good blast with a hairdryer to loosten up the glue that attaches it to the heatsink.

03.jpg (82K)
Then, use a small amount of brute force to pry the badge off.  This leaves a nasty residue which can be removed using your prefered brand of cleaner (I use Isopropyl Alcohol).

04.jpg (92K)
Next, simply flip the card over and re-attached the badge to the opposite side.  For this, I used a double-sided thermal sticky pad from a Vantec Iceberq kit.

05.jpg (94K)
Ready to be reinstalled.

06.jpg (121K)
Note the slight brown heat marks around the edges of the badge (although, one looks like coffee??!), showing just hot this card can get!

There's some irony in this... because the card runs pretty damn hot, it really needs a well ventilated case, which means more fans, which means more noise.  That said, I'd rather have some 120mm fans cooling the case and video card within, than some 60mm screamer attached to the video card itself.

UPDATE: The video card which replaced this shows this problem clearly... more details here.