About CPU Monitor
ScreenshotCPU Monitor adds an icon to the Windows System Tray that shows the current CPU usage.  A Details window shows a graph of the usage.

CPU Monitor is for Windows 95/98/Me only.  It will not run on Windows 2000 or XP or higher.

Download CPU Monitor (51k)

Additional Download
If you're running the latest revision of Windows and Internet Explorer, no other files are required.  However, if some system components are older versions or you don't run IE, you may need to download some of the following files.  Unless specified, the files should be installed in your System directory (Normally, c:\windows\system or c:\winnt\system32). (682k)

1. Unzip the file CPUMon.exe into the directory of your choice.
2. Create the usual shortcuts for the Start Menu and Desktop as required.

If you needed to download any of the additional components, unzip them into your Windows\System directory.

Q: Does CPU Monitor itself contribute to the CPU usage?
A: Yes.  Any application running will create CPU usage.  CPU Monitor should generate very little.  However, when the Detail window is open, the usage will be always higher as the graph is updated and re-drawn.

Q: CPU Monitor won't load on my NT system.  Why?
A: NT isn't supported for two reasons; firstly NT already has the Task Manager (which was the original inspiration for CPU Monitor in fact) and second NT is very different when it comes to monitoring the CPU -- especially as NT supports multiple processors.  Adding NT support would require a total rewrite; which isn't out of the question in some future version...