About Disk Space Monitor
Disk Space Monitor running in the system tray with the Details window.
Disk Space monitor adds icons to the system tray showing the total and free space for any drives.  Any drive letters available - either local or remote - can be shown.  The Details window shows a larger, more precise version of the information.

Download Disk Space Monitor (47k)

Additional Downloads
If you're running the latest revision of Windows and Internet Explorer, no other files are required.  However, if some system components are older versions or you don't run IE, you may need to download some of the following files.  Unless specified, the files should be installed in your System directory (Normally, c:\windows\system or c:\winnt\system32). (682k)

1. Unzip the file DiskMon.exe into the directory of your choice.
2. Create the usual shortcuts for the Start Menu and Desktop as required.

If you needed to download any of the additional components, unzip them into your Windows\System directory.

Q: Disk Space Monitor only displays my C: drive
A: When run for the first time, Disk Space Monitor will show only one drive by default.  The default drive shown will be the drive on which Disk Space Monitor is installed.  If Disk Space Monitor is run from a UNC-style share (for example, \\SERVER\UTILS\DiskMon.exe), then the drive shown will be the drive where Windows is installed.

Q: When I select additional drives to be shown, my new selection isn't shown next time I load Disk Space Monitor.
A: When you change selection, remember to check the 'Save selection as default drives...' option in the Settings window.  The default is to not save the selection, which means you can quickly add and remove drives without changing your defaults.

Q: Disk Space Monitor keeps warning me when I select my Floppy or Removable (i.e. Zip, SyQuest) drives.  Why?.
A: Monitoring removable drives such as floppies or Zip drives can slow or hang the system if the disk is removed.  If you wish to monitor removable drives, you can choose to turn off the warning message.

Q: One or more of the icons in the system tray is shown as a small question mark (i.e. "?").  Why?.
A: The drive Disk Space Monitor is trying to display is not valid or cannot be read.  This is usually because a disk has been removed (in the case of hard disks or removable drives) or is no longer connected (network drives).

Q: Can I monitor remote (i.e. network) drives without connecting to them.
A: No, you must map a drive letter to a network share to monitor it.