About Scope
Scatter is a 32-bit screen saver for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP.

When the screen saver is started it takes the screen, breaks it into blocks and bounces them around the screen.  When the blocks hit the edge of the screen, they bounce back in the opposite direction.  Because the direction and speed of each block is generated randomly each time Scatter is started, the effect is not always the same; there are a huge number of variations to see.

Download Scatter (19k)

Additional Downloads
If you're running the latest revision of Windows and Internet Explorer, no other files are required.  However, if some system components are older versions or you don't run IE, you may need to download some of the following files.  Unless specified, the files should be installed in your System directory (Normally, c:\windows\system or c:\winnt\system32). (682k)

1. Unzip the file Scatter.scr into your System directory (Normally, c:\windows\system or c:\winnt\system32).
2. Load the Display Properties by either right-clicking the desktop and choosing Properties or via the Control Panel.
Scatter should be listed in the available choices in the Screen Saver tab.

Q: Does Scatter support passwords?
A: Sorry, there is no password support.

Q: Scatter is slow and jerky, Why?
A: I only wrote Scatter for a bit of fun; it isn't the most highly optimised bit of code ever.  If the display is too slow, try dropping down the number of blocks in the Screen Saver properties -> Settings.  Failing that, buy a new machine and/or video card...