About Scope
Scope (and an example of how Scope looks when minimized to the system tray).
Scope records audio and displays an oscilloscope waveform of the sound.  If the window is minimised, the waveform is shown in the system tray.

Download Scope (35k)

Additional Downloads
If you're running the latest revision of Windows and Internet Explorer, no other files are required.  However, if some system components are older versions or you don't run IE, you may need to download some of the following files.  Unless specified, the files should be installed in your System directory (Normally, c:\windows\system or c:\winnt\system32). (682k)

1. Unzip the file Scope.exe into the directory of your choice.
2. Create the usual shortcuts for the Start Menu and Desktop as required.

If you needed to download any of the additional components, unzip them into your Windows\System directory.

Q: The Scope window just shows a thin horizontal line even though I have a CD playing.  Why?
A: In order to function correctly, Scope must be able to record/sample the current audio source.  If this isn't happening check the following: