About Windows Media Player Plug-in for LCDSmartie
The WMP Plug-in for LCD Smartie reads the Album, Artits, Title and Duration information for the track currently playing in Windows Media Player (WMP).  It can also be used as an Action to detect when the track changes.

To retrieve information from the WMP Plug-in for LCD Smartie, use the following functions:

Download (7k)

To retrieve the information from WMP, this plug-in requires the "WMP Blogging Plug-in" to be installed.  This is a free download available from Microsoft.  If the WMP Blogging Plug-in is not installed, nothing will be returned from functions1-4 and function5 will always return "0".

Download the Microsoft WMP Blogging Plug-in here

Copy the wmp.dll file to your LCD Smartie\plugin folder (i.e. the plugin folder beneath the folder where you installed LCD Smartie.)